Jantso Jokelin – A musician, a writer and a journalist based in Finland. I’m composing new music especially for the harmonica, an instrument once considered small. I also play acoustic & resonator guitars, beatbox, Turkish saz, cümbüş and various other instruments. I’m especially fond of the blues, Arabic and Eastern European based music and all kinds of alternative folk/world contraptions.

I have performed actively for years in Finland as a solo act and with various groups. Besides playing traditional gigs, I have composed music and provided live accompaniment for silent film, theater, dance, animation, poetry and fire sculptures. I have toured in France, Germany, Switzerland & the Baltic countries. Recognitions include 3rd prize in the Open Series of World Harmonica Contest in Trossingen, Germany (2009) and the Finnish National Champion in streetplaying (2007).

I have published essays, translations and the first Finnish book about the cultural history of the harmonica (titled ”Huuliharppukirja”, 2013). I have also held numerous workshops, lessons and lectures about the playing styles, techniques and cultural history of the instrument.

I have an M.A. from the University of Turku, where I studied folkloristics, comparative religion and North American Studies. I’m specialized in experimental ethnomusicology and acoustic blues. I write for various newspapers and magazines in Finland.