Currently my most active group, Sigi Tolo is an acoustic trio combining elements from Middle-Eastern music, klezmer, African sounds, post rock and metal. Sigi Tolo’s self titled debut album is available in BandCamp for free listening and digital download for 10$.

Sigi Tolo is:
Jantso Jokelin – harmonica, vocals, beatboxing, Kaossilator, saz, cümbüş, guitar
Cheb Sippola – guitar, pipa, vocals
Sampo Laaksonen – percussion

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Past work and collaborations


Ataturk Band’s “LOVE DEATH PETROL VIKING” (2012) and “Anatolia Beat” (2010) might still be available internationally from Record Shop X.





Beatboxing and playing the harmonica on Estonian blues guitarist Andres Roots’ (Bullfrog Brown) album “Roundabout”. The album was declared “Best European Blues Album” of 2010 by Canada’s Blues Underground Network. Check out Andres’ tunes here.



And here we have a 7″ vinyl we also recorded in Estonia with my friend Red Mouth from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The Darkness of my Mind/Soul of a Man 7″ is a limited edition of 500. You can listen to it or even buy it here.